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Universal bottle holder with Boa® Fit System for deformable plastic bottles with diameter up to 80 mm incl. TWIST uni base

Fidlock TWIST bottle is one of its kind – the whole system is a no brainer and revolutionary in many cases. And for all that are super loyal to their old style bike bottles or would like to take other bottles with them on a ride we can say now – do it! The new Fidlock TWIST uni connector is here


We combined our own unique Fidlock technology with a BOA closure and a smart cable routing to get the TWIST uni connector. So if you would like to mount the water bottle you bought during your ride or your beloved bike bottle from your last race or some insulated bottles – and much more – just fix it to the TWIST uni connector and mount it to the Fidlock TWIST bike base that is already on your bike! Yes, right, you could also swap from Fidlock bottles to other bottles and back without any wrenching!


The smooth rubber inlay of the TWIST uni connector protects your bottles against scratches and helps holding the bottle in place. Fidlock TWIST uni connector – another step into individual bike pleasure.


• Turns every bottle into Fidlock bottle

• BOA closure takes bottes up to 80 mm diameter

• Fidlock Bike Base compatible

• Rubber inlay for perfect bottle protection

• Easy handling TWIST technology

• Magnetic guide and mechanic locking system

• Stays in place safely – no more lost bottles

• No annoying rattling any more

• Fits even into smallest frames

• Bottle at a full suspension bike – no problem!

• For all carbon, alloy, steel or titanium frames


Universal bottle holder with Boa® Fit System for deformable plastic bottles with diameter up to 80 mm incl. TWIST uni base

If the bike has no thread inserts at all or if they are already blocked, the TWIST uni connector is also available with the TWIST uni base. This universal frame adapter can be easily attached anywhere on the bike thanks to the wide, non-slip TPU cable ties.




Filling capacity:80mm
System weight:70g incl. Bike Base


All Fidlock Bike products impress by their „attractive locking” – the automatic pull, centering and securely locking of two parts by magnetic force.

By using TWIST technology Fidlock Bike offers own products based on the Fidlock innovations. Simply by a clockwise twist the bottles and other accessories can be delocked from the bike. Otherwise it stays in position safely, even on offroad and rough terrain and trails.