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customized Mini Turn



The MINI TURN product family is primarily designed for use on shoulder bags, satchels or handbags – in other words, any application in which the practical one-hand operation and high locking force are par- ticularly convenient and increase safety.


The products are incredibly easy to fit. Depending on the application areas, product designers can choose between two different processing methods: process- ing with screw collar (MINI TURN thread) or with heat riveting (MINI TURN rivet) for extreme stresses and strains.


When placing your order, please consider the appro- priate fitting variant suitable for your requirements. For detailed queries please contact fidlock@leeing.hk.


The MINI TURN product family offers a wide range of handles in different designs, colours, shapes and with different surface materials – designers can select a black nylon handle or choose to dye plastic variants, anodise aluminium variants, have applica- tions fitted to the handle or select customised shapes and materials.




The fastener covers are available in different colours and can feature individual branding - with a logo as a sticker, laser engraving for aluminium handles, through optional dyeing of the plastic or anodisation of the aluminium surfaces. Furthermore, individual handles can be developed on request.


For individual queries please contact fidlock@leeing.hk. You will find a few examples about customiza- tion on our MINI TURN "Customized" page.


On request, the handles can be fitted with individual branding – with a logo as a sticker or laser engraving ( for aluminium surfaces ).


MINI TURN fasteners offer product designers a high level of flexibility in their designs: they are available in a wide range of colours and can be fitted with individ- ual branding. Furthermore, customised handles can also be developed on request. Thanks to the simple processing options available, fitting them to products is no problem at all.


You will find further product and design varieties on the following pages dealing with the MINI TURN prod- uct family. You can also have a look at individual ex- amples on the MINI TURN "Customized" page.