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Product Families / SNAP / male S screw mid

The smallest size of the SNAP components is primarily suitable for textile applications or low loads, e.g. as a fastener on small bags, on collars or to attach smaller accessories. These fasteners are very compact and inconspicuous and therefore not suitable for luggage-connecting. Please note that the load capacity and the suitability of the SNAP fasteners are dependent on the size of the components and custom application on the product.


The SNAP male S screw versions can be fitted using a threaded swivel and a face spanner. 

Not suitable for safety-related applications.


Sector apparel, bags, medical
Weight ca. 2 g
Height 9,1 mm
Diameter 18,7 mm
Material thickness 1,4 - 2,9 mm
Static breaking load N 20 N
Static breaking load KG 2 kg
Colour black
Assembly screw thread
Tools for assembly front: TOOL 4 / back: TOOL 3 or TOOL 5 or TOOL 23

The SNAP fasteners are available in different colours and can feature an individual logo. 
On top of that, the versions with high-end metal covers achieve an especially classy visual appearance. 

For individual queries please contact fidlock@leeing.hk. We will soon present a few examples on our SNAP "Customized" page.


For materials with a thickness of 1,4 to 2,9 mm, the SNAP male S screw mid is the perfect middle ground between the screw high and screw low. It is compatible with all SNAP female S lower parts.