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Magnetic adapter for mounting all TWIST bottles and modules to the bicycle frame

The Fidlock TWIST System – probably the worlds´ most innovative bottle mounting technology on planet earth. Our Fidlock TWIST bike base is one of the essential parts of our system. Thanks to the easy mounting it fits to all BCM-64 bike mounting threads and takes all Fidlock TWIST bottles and also other TWIST products.


Sure the TWIST bike base comes with every Fidlock TWIST bottle. But as bikers tend to own more than just one bike and would like to go on using the beloved Fidlock technology there is a simple solution. Get yourself another Fidlock TWIST bike base, mount it to your new love and go on riding!


The smooth rubber inlay of the TWIST uni connector protects your bottles against scratches and helps holding the bottle in place. Fidlock TWIST uni connector – another step into individual bike pleasure.


• Easy mounting with all BCM 64 bottle cage mounts

• TWIST technology - intuitive handling

• Magnetic guide and mechanic locking system

• Stays in place safely – no more lost bottles

• No annoying rattling any more

• Fits even into smallest frames

• Ergonomic bottle shape

• Excellent squeeze

• Bottle at a full suspension bike – no problem!




Filling capacity:16g


All Fidlock Bike products impress by their „attractive locking” – the automatic pull, centering and securely locking of two parts by magnetic force.

By using TWIST technology Fidlock Bike offers own products based on the Fidlock innovations. Simply by a clockwise twist the bottles and other accessories can be delocked from the bike. Otherwise it stays in position safely, even on offroad and rough terrain and trails.