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Product Families / WINCH / WINCH momentum right

WINCH can be applied in many fields, such as footwear, prostheses or to fasten a helmet to your backpack.



The base of the WINCH in sewn into the material and the laces can be fed into the handle. An assembly guide is available upon request.

Also available in a left-turning version (01500-L). Parts are available separately. 
Not suitable for safety-related applications.

Sector professional, footwear, apparel, medical, transportation, outdoor, sports
Opening mechanisms pull
Weight ca. 13 g
Height 16,8 mm
Diameter 32,8 mm
Material PA6, PA6GF15
Rope thickness 1,2 - 2,75 mm
Static breaking load N / Static breaking load KG 196 N / 20 kg
Colour black
Assembly sewing, welding

WINCH fasteners can be customized with your logo and requested in other colours. Additionally, different laces can be used (laces not included in the scope of delivery).


The WINCH momentum combines the properties of a ratchet and a fastener. Depending on the width of the laces, one or multiple laces can be used simultaneously. Although primarily designed for shoes, it can be opened completely and, therefore, offers more application areas such as tightening a helmet to a backpack or on prostheses and orthoses. A left-turning version is available (article number: 01500-L).